Our Scope
Our core purpose is to create powerful engineering software solutions

Our Simulation Packages
Our simulation packages are built on an user-friendly implementation of the Finite Element Analysis technology

Our Custom-made Applications
Specialized development of custom-made applications


Quantech ATZ’s mission is to enable customers to focus on what is important to them, their business, offering a range of FEM simulation software solutions especially designed to validate and optimize the design of parts and structures using the most advanced technology, without being an expert and minimizing the time required in the process.


Our simulation software range of products includes several packages, which is built on an user-friendly implementation of the FEA (finite element analysis) technology, developed in collaboration with CIMNE, the internationally renowned technological center dedicated to promoting and fostering advances in the using of numerical methods and computational techniques.

Custom-made Applications

During latest years QUANTECH has became specialized in the development of custom-made applications in the field of engineering simulation software, offering clients a wide range of state of the art solutions integrated into customized user interfaces especially designed to fit our customers’ requirements.

Statement of Purpose

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Contact Us

Quantech ATZ is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs. Please send email to info@quantech.es if you have any inquiry.