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Announcement: Official Release of Stampack V71 & New Website stampack.com

Stampack V71 has a wide range of new features for digital validation of sheet metal processes or parts.

This release offers several new possibilities to improve simulation productivity and efficiency and reliability of result evaluation.

In addition, Stampack V71 contains solver improvements which are of significant benefit in terms of increased result accuracy and shorter computation time.

Stampack has a new website stampack.com with home / features & benefits / product overview / contact sections.   

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QUANTECH provides the industry with state-of-the-art CAE simulation software applications to solve engineering problems in the fields of metal forming, optimization of casting processes, virtual testing, damage evolution of composites parts, and others, by using intensive computer-based simulation techniques.

Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on what is important to them, their business, offering a range of FEM simulation software solutions especially designed to validate and optimize the design of parts and structures using the most advanced technology, without being an expert and minimizing the time required in the process. more >

Try for free the last version of our casting simulation software:

  Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software, within an innovative and user-friendly interface. The software requires no special training and does not require the user to have an extensive technical background. Yet, it is a very effective, powerful tool, with possible applications in a wide variety of industries, such as mold-making, automotive, naval, aerospace, train, electrical-appliance, furniture and casting industries.

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